Inclusion Doesn’t Take The Summer Off!

Inclusion Doesn’t Take The Summer Off!


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Inclusion Doesn’t Take The Summer Off!
Is your child included in the school year, but when summer comes, he/she is enrolled in segregated camps, or at least a couple days a week are you driving them to therapists’ offices for segregated therapy?
Ask yourself what would your child be doing over the summer if he or she didn’t have a disability?
Going to the Park n Rec soccer camp?  Doing satisfying volunteer work, participating in the summer reading program, enjoying scout camp, creating memories on family trips, or having a paid Job?
Then that’s what your child could be doing!
In the free eBook, Inclusion Doesn’t Take The Summer Off, you’ll learn 4 strategies of how your child can be included in community activities this summer. There are also additional resources in the eBook you can check out.

Download your free eBook to discover how to have inclusion year-round for your son or daughter.  Click here for your eBook.

Inclusion is not just for 9 months out of the year.  Let’s make sure our kids our included during the summer months also!

As an advocate my goal is to have you accept what is right for your child. I’m here to help you have that happen!
If you have questions about the support your child is getting or not getting at school, hit Reply to this email and ask.  I read all my emails and will respond to you. And as always, I’m also available for free 30 minute phone consultation.  Just email me at we’ll set up a time to talk.


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