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Empower the children through their advocates – empower the advocates through equipping them!

charmaine: Listen to, dream for, and believe in your child.

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Charmaine conducts workshops that are engaging, practical, and highly effective in bringing about positive change. For more than 30 years, Charmaine has worked with families and educators, presenting at state and national conferences.

Presentations are tailored to meet your specific outcomes and time constraints.

Popular Topics:

It’s What You Say and How You Say It

Communication skills can make or break relationships. Learn how to: make your points effectively, ask clarifying questions, collaborate, find common ground, and disagree without being disagreeable.

Parents as Dream Keepers

Parents have many important roles, and being the keeper of dreams for their child is an essential one. Workshop participants will learn the importance of personal reflection, how to give dreams a voice, and strategies to expand the opportunities for all children and young adults.

The IEP Process

Maintaining a positive parent/educator partnership throughout the IEP process is critical to developing a student-centered plan that results in student achievement. This partnership can be achieved via creative meeting preparation, positive and productive IEP meetings, and collaborative strategies to monitor IEP implementation.

Merging Paths of Families, General Educators, & Special Educators

Research demonstrates the benefits of educators and families working together. Learn how to implement collaborative approaches, creative problem-solving, and tested strategies that work for all!

Great Minds Think Differently

Students with diverse strengths, interests, and learning needs can be successfully included in general education classrooms. Learn how to ensure all students are real achievers through the use of universal-design educational strategies. Teachers and parents will discover multiple approaches to respond to individual differences.

Inclusive Education

Ongoing cooperation, planning, support, and commitment are the hallmarks of inclusive education. Using a helpful tool, workshop participants will be able to explore the quality indicators of inclusive schools and determine which indicators should be targeted for their school’s improvement. Effective tips and resources will be shared to advance inclusive practices.

Walking The Talk of Inclusive Post-Secondary Education

There are increasing opportunities for students with significant support needs to attend college. But not all post-secondary experiences are created equal! It’s important that we carefully examine post-secondary options, determine if they represent inclusive practices, and explore the value of inclusive post-secondary experiences.

Low Tech Gadgets and Gizmos

Assistive technology devices do not need to be fancy and expensive in order to improve the life of a child with a disability. See examples of fun, inexpensive, interactive teaching/learning tools for the general education classroom. Learn how to use “off-the-shelf” products and how to make minor modifications to everyday items to increase student achievement.


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