listen to, dream for and believe in your child

Collaborative Special Education Advocacy

The problem is so many special education students with disabilities spend their days at school being lonely, feeling dumb, and believing they’re not good enough.

How many of us who have children with disabilities wish our kids would be accepted, happy and learning at school? Guess what? There are students with disabilities in classrooms and schools in every state of our country that are living this kind of rich and fulfilling life.

If it is happening for someone else, it can happen for your child. Charmaine is passionate about making this a reality for your child and working with you to achieve it!

Charmaine believes when parents and educators collaborate the student wins.

Charmaine’s mantra is:

The 3 Rs of Advocacy are Relationships, Relationships, and Relationships.

Q: How is Collaborative Special Education Advocacy different than traditional advocacy?

A: Traditional advocacy is often seen as adversarial with hostile negotiations which can lead to stalemates.

Collaborative advocacy is a process of:

  • Listening for Understanding
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Creative Problem-Solving

Every child has gifts and can teach us many lessons. Our son Dylan happens to have Down syndrome and has been been a wonderful teacher for us.  Watch this short video and think about what lessons your child is teaching others.

What do others say about Charmaine’s work?

Charmaine’s decades of experience as a parent, special education teacher, and general education teacher make her uniquely qualified to assist parents and educators. She can help the “two sides” work positively and collaboratively, for the benefit of the all, including the most important person—the student! Charmaine can also provide extraordinary guidance to educators on effective inclusive education practices, to ensure all students learn and belong together!

Kathie Snow, parent, author, and trainer

Charmaine symbolizes both wings and wheels. She sees the big picture and vision of an inclusive world but she is also well grounded as a practical problem solver.

Colleen Wieck, Ph.D., Executive Director, The Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities

Charmaine is a dedicated and knowledgeable educational consultant and advocate. She understands disability issues from both a parent’s and teacher’s perspective and brings a creative problem-solving perspective.

 Randy Chapman, Director of Legal Services, The Legal Center for People with Disabilities

  Please know that Charmaine is not an attorney and she can NOT

give any legal advice.