Get Peace of Mind

Get Peace of Mind

Let’s face it, trying to understand this whole special education process can be daunting.

You may have learned the hard way that just going along with what the school suggests is not going to help your child much.

It makes a huge difference when you understand how to make sure your input gets written in the IEP.

Your child’s life at school will change when he/she has a strengths-based IEP instead of one that only focuses on his/her deficits.

Based on parent feedback, I’ve designed an online class when you can go to get the information when you need it.  Here’s the link to join

You’ll discover:
1. An awesome strategy that Charmaine has perfected to really tell how good the IEP is and what specifically is missing.

2. the must have’s in the major sections of the IEP.

3. How to tie in your child’s intelligence (there are 9 types of intelligences) to the IEP.

4. What makes a goal meaningful and understandable.

5. How to turn accommodations and modifications into things that really work.
6. How to think outside of the special education room.
7. What it takes to get inclusion at your child’s school.
And there’s more, like a valuable Membership Community – for FREE.  You’ll be able to pick my Advocate brain and get ideas and suggestions from other parents in our group.
Just Join before Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at midnight (Mtn. Time) for only one payment of $197 or 3 monthly payments of $75.00, because after that, the investment is $497. Why not save $300 today? 
Get peace of mind and the individualized support you’re craving.  Click on the link

Did you know I have a twin?         In case you want to watch the video again  🙂

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When more parents ask for change, if helps all of our kids!