Special Discount on Advocacy Tools

Special Discount on Advocacy Tools



Hi there,

I hope you loved Friday’s MasterClass: “Think Like An Advocate & Get Positive Results” as much as I loved sharing new strategies with you.

Thank you for being there!

If you want to watch it again, here is the limited time replay link.   http://bit.ly/2xvldHS
I’ve highlighted certain parts of the show below, giving you the topic and the specific time mark in the video.
Pop some popcorn and enjoy!

We are live                                                                             3 min. 15 seconds  (3:15)

The start of my journey in this special ed. world                    4 minute mark

An IEP Planning Checklist you might want to use                  8:50

Are your IEP (ARD) meetings like The View T.V. show?         40:27

What to do instead of drawing a line in the sand                    43:45

What two words are great to use at meetings?                       55:50

Do you want an awesome email template?                             58:38

You’ll want these mantras to roll off your tongue                     67:05

Advocacy Tools You NEED (time limited offer)                        71:45

Our online course with many advocacy tools you can use right away, is open for a short period of time. Plus you get free membership to our Advocacy Tools community (closed Facebook group).  And there are 3 other fabulous Bonuses too!

Here’s a link for more information if you know you want to get in on this deal at a discounted price.  Click here for the one payment option.    Click here for the 3 pay option.

As always you can just reply to this email and ask any questions you have from our show or about the Advocacy Tools You NEED For Your Toolbox course you’re invited to join.

I hope you and your family have a great weekend!

Take care,


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