5 Ways to Say No to One-Size ESY

5 Ways to Say No to One-Size ESY


5 Ways To Say No To One-Size ESY
  • Would you like to be more confident in giving reasons why your child needs an Individualized Extended School Year program?
  • Would you like to know what to do if you disagree with what the District is offering for an ESY program?

If you answered Yes, to either of the questions above, you are in the right place.

We’re going to look at common scenarios when it comes to advocating for ESY services and what you can do and say.


SCENARIO 1: You look at your child’s draft IEP and notice that in the ESY section it is checked No, your child isn’t eligible for ESY services.

WHAT TO DO: Email the special education teacher and use my 6 Step Communication formula.

  1. Say something positive: Thank you for sending the draft IEP to me ahead of time.
  2. State an observation you’ve made, with no judgement. When I was reading the IEP today I noticed that it was checked No for ESY services.
  3. Express your feelings. I was disappointed to see this was already checked before we even had the meeting.
  4. Share a need you have that’s not being met. I need to be an equal member of the IEP team.
  5. Therefore, I’m requesting that ESY services be open for discussion at our upcoming IEP meeting.
  6. Say something positive in closing. Thank you again for sending a copy of Susie’s draft IEP ahead of time.

This 6 step Communication formula is available in my free eBook, Be Heard At IEP Meetings, click here.


SCENARIO 2: During the IEP meeting, the school staff says your child has been making adequate progress on his IEP goals and isn’t eligible for ESY services.

WHAT TO SAY: Ask the staff to share data they collected to show if your child regressed with his progress on IEP goals after vacations and if so, how long it took him to make up that loss of progress.


SCENARIO 3: You are told since your child didn’t show any regression or recoupment issues this past year they don’t need ESY services.

WHAT TO DO: Know what your state special education regulations say about ESY. Many state regulations (and court cases) outline additional factors that IEP teams must consider when deciding ESY eligibility. Don’t take what you hear as the final word.


SCENARIO 4: After your child is found eligible for ESY, the staff shares the dates and times for the “District ESY program”.

WHAT TO SAY: You can politely remind the staff that ESY services are supposed to be individualized just like your child’s school year’s services are individualized. The type, frequency and duration of your child’s ESY services is decided based on his individual needs.


SCENARIO 5: Even though your child’s Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) during the typical school year is in the general education classroom the District says your child will have to be in a special education room for ESY.

WHAT TO DO: Ask why LRE doesn’t apply to ESY services.  LRE Doesn’t Take Summer Off! 

Click here to go to my Pinterest site to read more about making sure the IEP team makes sure your child receives Extended School Year services in the Least Restrictive Environment. It will take you to a 2014 news release about LRE and ESY.

This spring when you are sitting at the IEP table, speak up and speak out for your child’s Individualized Extended School Year services. You can do this!


On Monday, April 3rd I get the honor of interviewing the Colorado attorney, Jack Robinson who represented Drew F. in the recent Supreme Court case. Jack will help us understand the decision and what it will mean for your child at your next IEP meeting. Trust me you don’t want to miss this Special Edition of my Facebook live show.

As an advocate my goal is to have you accept what is right for your child. I’m here to help you have that happen!

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If you can’t see my Special Edition interview of Jack Robinson, my friend and fellow advocate, Yael Cohen is interviewing him this Thursday at 2:00pm Mtn. Time.  You can see that on her Facebook page, www.facebook.com/Get-IEP-Help-103247589179

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