What’s Your School District Not Telling You?

What’s Your School District Not Telling You?

What Your School District Isn’t Telling You Can Hurt Your Child
Here’s a rare opportunity to hear high-profile special education attorney Jennifer Laviano and sought- after special education advocate Julie Swanson talk about your special education rights and what may be underlying the decisions made at IEP meetings.
Click here to watch my interview with Jennifer Laviano and Julie Swanson.
Listen to the podcast of the interview, Click here.
I highlighted key points during the video interview by giving you the specific times when they were discussed.  For instance, when you’re watching the video if you go forward to the 2 minute 36 second mark on the video you’ll hear Jennifer and Julie share what motivated them to read this book.
2 minute 36 seconds (2:36):  Why special education attorney Jennifer
                                               Laviano and professional special
                                               education advocate Julie Swanson wrote
                                               the book.
4:55  What you don’t know …
6:48: “You can’t use logic to talk someone out of a position they didn’t
          use logic to get into.”
9:47 What parents and advocates can do when dealing with illogical
        decisions made by the school district.
12:27 What it might mean if your school district isn’t telling
          you something.
14:20 One of my mantras: “Don’t let the forms drive the process.”
16:43 Viewer question about the Response to Intervention process
          delaying or denying a student’s access to special education

20:18 An example of an urban legend in school districts.

21:15 Unintended consequences that can happen.
21:35 Is it a wise advocacy strategy to bring outside information, such as
          a letter from the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) to
          an IEP meeting?
23:40 What is your advocacy style?
25:33 Parents feeling intimidated at IEP meetings
29:00 Is your child being identified for special education services?
31:45 When a student is doing well on standardized tests, but struggling
          socially it might not trigger the teacher do make a referral for
          special education.
33:07 How educators and other staff members can benefit from the
          book, Your Special Education Rights: What Your School District
         Isn’t Telling You.
35:05 The 3 Rs of Advocacy
36:45 What about when decisions are based on district finances?
39:00 What if the school district brings their attorney to the IEP
43:15 What if a parent suspects they are being targeted by the school
46:11 Best kept secrets
48:00 The KISS method

51:15 Who to bring with you to IEP meetings

55:54 Tip for parents
57:30 What happens when parents ask for something and it isn’t
58:50 Education is more than academics
61:12 Where can parents find an attorney or advocate
63:00 Final thoughts and insights​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



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